Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fan of #walkingdead? Try #readingdead

Mondays in my library are often spent doing the Walking Dead watercooler convo thing with my students - y'know, rehashing all the brain-bashing and nuances of the previous night's ep. The show's midseason 3 finale gave us much to munch on - who are the new peeps Carl locked in the cell? will Daryl survive? what about his crazy brother Merle? what will the Governor do next? Ugh, is it February 13th yet?!!

While we wait on "The Walking Dead" to return, zombie lovers can get their fix reading these zombie books in the meantime...

World War Z - Max Brooks
Ashes - Ilsa Brick

Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion
Infinitey (Chronicles of Nick series) - Sherrilyn Kenyon
Rot & Ruin - Jonathan Mayberry
Cell - Stephen King
This is Not a Test - Courtney Summers
The Zombie Survival Guide - Max Brooks
The Enemy - Charlie Higson
Something Strange and Deadly - Susan Dennard
The Forest of Hands and Teeth - Carrie Ryan

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Book Christmas Tree

Thanks to Pinterest, the Book Christmas Tree has popped up in libraries all over - including mine. Using books with green, red or yellow spines, two students and I created this masterpiece in about an hour this morning. Didn't take long for word to spread through the school about the awesome Book Christmas tree in the library - since many of my students don't 'do' Pinterest ("No, but my mom likes it!" is the most frequent answer I hear when I ask students if they Pinterest), this is literally a novel idea to them, so they're in awe of it!

For added awesomeness, I'm sponsoring a Book Counting Christmas Tree Contest - the student who correctly or most closely guesses the number of books that make up the book tree wins a gift card to Target or GameStop. And, no, even I don't know the number yet - guess I'll find out when I take it down. ;-)